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Old Town Alexandria Wedding | Alexandria VA

This beautiful day was nothing short of perfect! Logan got ready in the gorgeous Alexandrian Hotel with her bridesmaids and mother right by her side! The ladies put on their matching converses which is so freaking cute (love!) and we headed to the Wilkes Street Tunnel Entrance for Herbert to see his beautiful wife in her wedding dress for the first time!

The couples had previously got married during a small intimate ceremony with their immediate family in 2020 and decided they still want to have the full wedding celebration with all their family and friends! And they did just that on this beautiful day!

Herbert was facing away from the wedding party while being in the middle of all his groomsmen waiting for his gorgeous bride to be behind him in the middle of all her bridesmaids! And let me tell you, when he turned around he just couldn’t help but to whistle at his gorgeous bride! 😉 it was so sweet as they met in the middle to share kiss!

We walked through the tunnel to the other side where we stopped to put on boutonnières and headed to the waterfront of the Harborside Shipyard Park for wedding party portraits, family formals and some gorgeous portraits of the amazing couple!

Then the walk began to The Basilica of Saint Mary for the ceremony! Which was stunning btw! I love how there was acknowledgment/an announcement that the couple was already legally married!

Do da do the couples ‘married’ & they walk back down the isle and out the church door where they wait for everyone to exit the church for an epic of all who attended!

We all headed together led by the couple to the Hummingbird Restaurant where the reception began!

Cocktail hour was held outside on the patio where hors d’oeuvre’s were served to the guest!

Soon after we headed inside the restaurant to be seated for speeches, dinner and then the dances came! The couple had their sweet & funky first dance together followed by the parent dances which led us into the dance party after! The couple danced the night away with the awesome band Hot Cactus and so absolutely thrilled to spend their day with the best people ❤️

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