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Kalero Vineyard Surprise Proposal | Purceville VA

Chelsea & Tyler won a giveaway I was hosting on Instagram at the end of 2020!

It was perfect as they were looking for couples portraits to fill the frames in their home!

We had a blast walking around the property even though it was December and near freezing they did phenomenal!

We walked around the venue to the back patio and Tyler whispered to me that he had a ring and wanted to propose! I tried sooo hard to keep my excitement contained so Chelsea couldn’t tell! I was able to secretly tell him what to do & when and gave him and ‘go ahead’ when the time was right.

Earlier in our session I had a conversation with the couple about their relationship and how long they have been together and we chatted about their adventures and such! The couple mentioned to me they were together for several years but we’re waiting for the perfect time to get engaged.. little did Chelsea know today was the the day!

When we came back to the front of the property I knew it was the perfect spot! I had Chelsea pose for an image of her by herself and when Tyler was ready he just walked up behind her and got down on one knee, when Chelsea turned around she was FLOORED! She was so speechless she feel to her knees! It was such a beautiful moment to be able to witness & capture. These are moments they will cherish forever.

After giving them a moment to take in what’s happening when they were ready we took a few more pictures now that they are ENGAGED! Wahoo!

Congratulations Chelsea & Tyler! I wish you both the happiest of lives together! ❤️

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