If you’re planning to elope in Virginia, don’t worry I got you. All the deets are right here! 

Having an elopement gives you the freedom for creating the perfect intimate day around you and your partner! I’m so excited you’re ready to break the tradition and celebrate your love how you feel is best for you! 

This guide is full of great information and advice about how to elope on Virginia to help you have the best stress free elopement day! I’ve included things like choosing a location, time frames, best season to elope in Virginia, Virginia Elopement vendors, do you even need other vendors, activities you can do, who can I invite, can I bring my pets, legal info like marriage license information- it’s allllll in here! If you’re ready to get this thing started then let’s go! 

Bride and groom kissing with bride her her white dress train at the top of bears den overlook.

How To Legally Elope

Getting your marriage license! It’s easier than you may think! Just visit your local Circuit Court Clerks Office to apply. Both you and your partner have to be present. You will need to bring a valid ID, they will ask you both for your parents’ names as written on their birth certificate and a whopping $30.00! 

You will need to fill out the marriage license application and this can also be done online for convenience. 

Where to Elope in Virginia 

Picture this you and your partner are  exchanging vows at a summit overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with rolling hills just behind you, the sun dips down just at the horizon as you and your partner sit at the edge with your feet hanging over the side of a mountain and you watch the sunset and drift off into the night. Does this feel like you? 

Imagine standing at the edge of a waterfall, just enough to feel the tiny water droplets sprinkling around you as you tell your partner the love you have for them, and how intimate this feels to be with them. Thinking about the rush you feel just as you hold hands and are about to jump into the water after your first dance from the top of the beautiful cascading water. 

Or even holding hands so tightly as you and your partner walk along the historic downtown of the town you met. Passing along all the old buildings and historic land marks that you know all the history too. You twirl around on the cobblestone stone and connect with your partner about the train that runs through the town and how you always find a way to make things so sweet and beautiful. 

This is a few of the many beautiful places Virginia has to offer for your Elopement day. 

You’re sure to find the perfect location for your Virginia elopement! Choosing a location that has meaningful value to your relationship is always recommended this could be a place you met, had your first date or somewhere you would like to visit every year on your anniversary. So do take your time in thinking about what feels right for you. Did you know choosing multiple locations is an option as well? Well now you do! Your elopement day is unique to you and this day is special and you deserve to say that loud and proud and I have your back the whole way through! 

I offer in depth location assistance when booking with me to ensure you find a location that speaks to you and represents you two as a whole and guess what! It’s all part of my Elopement Photography Packages. I promise to never leave you hanging! Want more location options, check these out! 

These are just a few to name! 

I believe your elopement day can be anything you want it to be, having an elopement doesn’t mean it has to be on the mountain side or even in a city! I believe your elopement is your day and it should be the way that feels most like you. Many couples choose to elope at traditional venues too when inviting guests to their elopement day. Some small venues do have a guest count limit for elopements which can be under 15 people total. 

When to Elope in Virginia

When deciding on the season to have your Virginia Elopement in definitely take the weather into consideration. If you live in state you know how the weather can be unpredictable. 

Spring and Fall are for sure the best seasons to elope in Virginia. Both can be cooler and more beautiful. Spring with its beautiful and luscious fully bloomed trees and wildflowers are incredible! 

Virginias Fall is like something out of a fairytale- the late fall foliage is perfect those who want a little more color in their day! 

Summer and winter are the two least popular seasons to elope in Virginia. Summer can be really hot and muggy however this is the perfect season to elope if you plan to say I do near a waterfall and are excited to take the plunge in! Winter can be beautiful if for example you want a Christmas Elopement or small wedding at an indoor location. 

Weekday or weekend- Most state and national parks are typically packed with visitors and tourist during the weekends depending on where you choose to elope in Virginia. Though it is possible to elope on a weekend I recommend a weekday to avoid crowds and keep your day a little more intimate. Some elopement vendors may offer weekday discounts or special services for those who choose a weekday to elope. 

Sunrise or Sunset Elopement?

For those who have no problem getting up in the morning or just want to spend the whole day together doing fun activities or just enjoying each others company then sunrise is for you! Sunrise is also less likely to have other people out and about, win win! Sunsets in Virginia are so beautiful and are full of color across the sky, if you’re a night owl, this timeframe may be best for you! Plus you can do so many fun night time activities! 

Inviting Elopement Guests

I recommend keeping it small and intimate. Typically the less people you invite the more variety of locations of you have. Some locations may not be accessible to all beings and it’s important to communicate that with your photographer/planner clearly so they can help serve you best! 16 participants total (including you two!) is the maximum amount of people for most state parks without having a permit. 

I offer location options of all kinds that offer accessibility, short hiking/walking and also venue options so we’re sure to find a beautiful location that offers accommodations for your loved ones coming along! 

Elopement Vendors

Having an elopement means you have fewer vendors to think about! Wanna know what other vendors can help create a beautiful elopement day? I gotchu! Typically elopement couples stick to the basics and stay minimal depending on the vision for their day. A florist is the most common and offer things like a bouquet and different types of  boutonnières. A hair and make up artist can be a great option if you’re not into in doing your own hair or makeup, most feminine partners opt in to do their own. And of course an Officiant! You will need a licensed Virginia officiant to wed you two on your elopement day. 

wedding couple facing each other laughing

Plan it out!

How do you envision your Elopement day? What activities do you want to incorporate? What do you and your partner enjoy doing together? Do y’all like to hike, play cars or board games, take a shot of tequila or shotgun a beer? What about swimming, walking along the beach and having a picnic. The possibilities are endless and should be curated to your personality and reflect you two as a couple. Don’t forgot to take time to find the perfect BNB if you plan to stay close by your elopement location!

 Let’s do the dang thing!

It’s time to relax and let your day unfold. No need to rush anything just one moment at a time. If any guidance is needed I gotchu! 

How Much Does It Cost To Elope In Virginia?

The cost of a Virginia Elopement can vary depending on vendors you choose to be with you throughout the day. Here are some typical prices that you can find for an elopement in Virginia in 2024. 

-Photographer: $3000-6000 

-Florist: $300-600 for a bouquet and boutonnière or equivalent and upwards or $1000 if you want table decor or ground arch arrangements.

-Officiant: $300-$500

-Marriage license: $30

-HMU: $300-$500 for one person 

FAQ & Tips

  1. Think about your wedding attire – I personally believe that you can elope in whatever attire you choose however, if you plan to backpack to the summit and change there be mindful of the material of your attire. If this is what you choose, I recommend a soft flow material that does not wrinkle easily. 
  2. Accommodations and travel – be mindful of your chosen location for your elopement day and your travel and Airbnb accommodation. Additional travel time would be needed in your timeline if these two are not in close proximity to each other. 
  3. Can I bring my pets? Absolutely! You can definitely bring your fur babies! A lot of this times your fur babies may not want to be present for too long so it’s important to have someone who can take them back to the car/bnb if needed. 

AND DON’T FORGET TO CALCULATE FOR FOOD! You will likely be hungry and who doesn’t like to eat? We’ll definitely make time to ensure you eat well on your elopement day. Think about what restaurants are near your elopement location or if you want a home cooked meal, you can even cook a meal with your partner! 

I hope this guide has been super helpful and has given you all kinds of info. I’m happy to offer Elopement Photo Packages with planning tailored to you specifically. I can’t wait to get this adventure started with you!

Just fill out my contact form and let’s plan this thing! 

Almost there!


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