Madison and Trevor, thank you so much for being troopers! 

Sometimes things don’t always work out as planned and sessions get pushed back due to crazy things like weather/storms and trees in the road, like in this case. After picking a date we were super set, about 20 minutes from the park I came to stop on a backroad and realized people were turning around in the middle of the road! It was raining and had just stopped so I assumed there had been an accident.. right before I turned around, another car has stopped at my window and said there’s a tree down up a head and no one can get by so they had to turned around. So I called the couple and turns out they were just a few cars behind me and we decided to reschedule since we couldn’t make it in time before the light completely disappeared if we went another way. So we turned around and rescheduled.. 

On our way to the next date, again it was pouring rain and looks sooo dark.. about halfway there it was raining and hailing so hard I had to pull over bc I literally couldn’t see out the windshield of my car! (Good thing I always go early!) 

I told Madison let’s just go and try it anyways even it was raining.. once we got to sky meadow state park, the rain had subsided and it was still dark but light enough to have their engagement session. So we started shooting and all the sudden the sun started to peak through the clouds! We had such a fun time and I’m forever grateful for clients who aren’t afraid to just go for it! 

Almost there!


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