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Lexi & Blake’s in Home/Outdoor Fall Couples Session | Kearneysville WV

Sometimes there’s no words to describe how you can completely feel how much a couple loves one another. Their love is radiant and bright, no matter how corny that sounds lol

An in home couples session was absolutely the perfect choice for them, and you know I always say how important it is to choose a location that means something to you.. and for them it was the coziness of being at home.

This beautiful late October day was something I’ll always remember. The perfect day. It was probably like 70 and warm so we started by just hanging out inside with the living room and then the kitchen and even went upstairs. Once it was the perfect time with lighting outside we ran for it! The light was perfect, Lexi was glowing and Blake was just absolutely happy to do anything as long as it was with her.

Late October is peak fall time in WV and northern Va so the leaves were falling and gave that perfect crunch of crispness when you stepped on them. These are the days I live for.

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