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A Country Boho Backyard Wedding | Damascus MD

I can’t even begin to describe how detailed this wedding was! Yalllllll Everything had a home and was perfectly in place. Brookes attention to detail was spot on. She knew exactly what she wanted for her backyard wedding. The arch that overlooked a large hill was decorated with the most beautiful flowers and deer antlers.

Inside the reception tent were beautiful tables with light, greenery, and pictures of animals that she loves, this included her dogs and cats. It was definitely a sweet one for me. And I forgot to mention that the property was her families property! How sentimental!

The couple had played out everything in their head, on the lower part of the property, they had a large round tent, where they would be sleeping tonight or their wedding! The carriage that Brooke rode in on belong to her late grandfather, it was her way to include him and I couldn’t think of a better way!

They couple danced the night away allll the way down to the tint they slept in! How romantic!

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